My name is Lennart Van der Goten and I consider myself as being an AI aficionado who enjoys reading about novel ideas originating from the Deep Learning universe.


I have played with the thought of creating my own blog for a long time, this yearning became more concrete when I read a series of papers on neural text-to-speech systems that heavily rely on preceding papers. Evidently, abstaining from a coverage of comprehensive background information interpreted in the context of the actual paper at hand lets researchers focus on the key aspects. Additionally, it does not form an obstacle for peer-researchers as they are already knowledgeable about historical advances in the domain.

Having said that, it also raises the entry barrier for people coming from other backgrounds as they have to assess which referenced information is essential to their understanding. This selection process might yield only a couple of papers as many are just quoted for the sake of completeness. It goes without saying that especially beginners are discouraged from waging this (possibly recursive) endeavor.

Accordingly, I hypothesize that it is helpful to enrich the ideas of the individual authors with auxiliary information from my own experience and my own “exploration” process.


I am a recent MSc graduate of ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) where I handed in a thesis on medical information retrieval under the auspices of Thomas Hofmann and Carsten Eickhoff. Prior to that, my BSc thesis led to the appointment as a research assistant (Hilfsassistent) in which I have both worked at ETH Zurich’s Computer Graphics Laboratory and Disney Research Zurich.

Currently, I work for SAP’s Deep Learning Center of Excellence whose objective is to leverage AI to make business processes more intelligent by automatizing recurrent tasks.

A non-conclusive list of my research interests could read along these lines:

  • Information retrieval
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Stochastic models
  • Speech synthesis
  • Computer Vision
  • Societal effects of AI